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Crucial Weather Insights for Your Alaska Moose Hunt in September

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Embarking on an Alaska moose hunt in September is an adventure into the heart of the Last Frontier's untamed wilderness. However, being well-prepared for the diverse and ever-changing weather conditions of this vast landscape is key to a successful and enjoyable hunting expedition. The Seasonal Transition: September marks the onset of fall in Alaska, a time [...]

Alaska moose season 2021

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Moose hunting in Alaska is epic! Our 2021 season is shaping up to be incredible. It’s really fun to make your moose hunting dream a reality here at Clearwater Alaska Outfitters! We began the year wondering if or where we would be able to land. It rained most of August, which means the gravel bars that [...]

Cyber Monday Moose Hunt

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We are offering a Cyber Monday deal for the first time ever here at Clearwater Alaska Outfitters! For all those who have been thinking and dreaming of going on an Alaskan Moose hunt we have an offer you can't afford to pass up. For one day only we are offering a $1,500.00 discount simply for booking this [...]

A Guided Alaskan Moose Hunt

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What is a guided Alaskan Moose hunt? It is an experience of a lifetime. It is lots of hard work. Moose hunting in Alaska is full of adventure around every curve of the river where you are hunting moose in Alaska. The weather on a moose hunt: You may experience a constant change in weather on [...]

Moose Hunting in Alaska

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MOOSE HUNTING ALASKA The world recognizes eight different subspecies of moose. However, the Giant Alaska Bull Moose is the largest of them all. Scientifically referred to as Alces alces gigas, the giant Bull Moose represents the climax of Alaskan moose hunting. Moose hunting Alaska provides an awesome experience because hunting the Giant Alaska Bull Moose up [...]

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Family Moose and Sheep Hunt 2009

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THE CLEARWATER FAMILY MOOSE AND SHEEP HUNTS: Sheep Hunt 2009 It all began when my husband, Ben, put in for the walk in sheep hunts for us both in Dec. ’08. Now, that he’s married he has a double chance of getting to go sheep hunting in his favorite spot. I was 7 mos. pregnant at the [...]

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