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Hunt Alaska

A Bison Hunt in Alaska you won’t soon forget!


 For each of our Delta Bison Hunts there will be a licensed Alaska big game hunting guide and observers to help with the hunt. We will field dress your bison for delivery to Delta Meat or for you to take home with you.  










Experienced Guides for Bison Hunting Alaska

Our Bison Hunting guides have the experience it takes to make your bison hunt a success. They will hunt at your pace to ensure that you enjoy your time hunting Alaska bison with us. Your hunts’ success along with your safety and comfort are all top priorities.


A few Snapshots from our Bison Hunts

Delta Bison Hunt Details

For this hunt, you will fly into Fairbanks and rent a 4×4 pickup. We recommend staying at Silverfox Roadhouse once you arrive in Delta Junction as it is near the hunt area. Each morning we will meet you and drive out to find the Bison. We take care of getting permission from landowners, field dressing your bison and can help with delivery to Delta Meat for processing if you need us to.

A Happy Alaskan Bison Hunter

The first day there, I found out that Ben and Chad were very experienced and were great at glassing. They could
find buffalo herds in small groups of 10-12 or larger groups of 30-40 buffalo. They had great knowledge of how to
figure out the correct way to do a stalk, with 30 sets of eyes on you. Furthermore, they had the knowledge to tell,
herd wise, the difference between a large bull and a large cow, that were both the same size and with minimal
physical differences.
After I shot my bull, they had a great cleaning setup. The processing and delivering the bull to the butcher, getting
the hide and head to the taxidermist. They never let up at all during the hunt.
They are down to earth and great guides. I highly recommend

Tim Neitzel

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