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Hunt Alaska

A Grizzly Hunt in Alaska you won’t soon forget!











Our Grizzly Hunt in Alaska

Our spring grizzly bear hunt takes place out of our Yukon River hunting area in May just after the ice melts off of the rivers and lakes. We hunt these spring grizzly bears in Alaska over active bait sites. This area does have some good quality grizzlies in it and they range in size up to 8’ and 9’. A 9’ grizzly is rare in this area and the average grizzly that you can expect would be around 7’ or 8’. Some of our grizzly bears have also made it into the B&C record book! Grizzly Bear hunting in Alaska requires being patient while waiting for that trophy grizzly bear to appear then making your first shot be a good one. There are also some trophy Alaska black bears in the area and you can take up to three on this hunt.


A few Snapshots from our Grizzly Hunts

Alaska Grizzly Hunt Details

This is a fully guided and outfitted hunt and includes all flying between Fairbanks and camp, camping gear and equipment needed for your hunt. You will have your own guide and 7 full hunting days if you need it. During this hunt you will be hunting active baits. The area has a good number of trophy grizzlies. Trophy fees for Grizzly are included in the hunt cost. Black Bear & Wolf are additional animals and a trophy fee is due after animal is taken (see below).
Also included in your Grizzly Bear Hunt is the expert handling of your bear hide. This includes skinning your grizzly bear out for your choice of life size or rug mounting, turning the ears, splitting the lips and eyes, skinning out the feet and fleshing the hide before salting and drying the bear hide. We will also deliver your bear hide to our tanner/shipper for no extra cost. We are proud to offer a quality, personalized hunt for spring grizzly bears in Alaska.

Trophy Fees

Grizzly – $7,500,
Black Bear – $2,500 and 2nd & 3rd Bears are $500 each. (The limit is 3 per year)
Wolf – $500 and $1,500 for blue and white phase wolves.

A Happy Grizzly Bear Hunter

This was my first ‘Guided Hunt’ and I couldn’t have been made happier! My guide was very nice and knowledgeable allowing me to harvest an excellent Alaskan Grizzly!
The Clearwater Alaska Outfitters camp was very accommodating, great food, amazing country! I will certainly be back to hunt with these guys again!

Louis C.

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