We had an amazing moose hunt this past fall with over 100% success! Obviously there is a story to that so here it goes…. We had a full season with 8 guys booked to hunt Alaska moose as well as 3 observers who came for the fun of the Alaskan moose hunting adventure. All the 8 guys had a shot at their trophy bull moose during the hunt! Out of the 8 moose hunters we took 7 moose. The 8th hunter spotted “his” trophy Alaska moose through the open door of the wall tent while laying on his cot! The trophy moose was just standing on the other side of the river and looking at him! After getting up, getting his rifle and walking to the edge of the river he had a 120 yard prone shot at a nice trophy Alaska bull moose. There was only one problem… the rifle jammed up but, as the bull turned to leave the hunter was able to get his rifle squared away. As the bull ran off through the brush he sent a round in after “his” trophy Alaska moose. After a lot of looking there was no blood found and the trophy moose is there for next season and will only be bigger! The hunter was super disappointed of course ’cause it isn’t every day that you have an opportunity at a 60″ class Alaska moose!

Also, we had an observer who really wanted his own Alaska moose. I was happy to get to take him moose hunting for a couple days! We got right up close to a bull that we never did see ’til we climbed a nearby hill. When we found him in the binoculars it was obvious that he needed to grow up for a couple more years before he was worth looking at as a trophy Alaska moose. As we buzzed toward camp in the jet boat we kept an eye out for moose along the river ’cause you never know what is around the next corner! When we were about an hour from camp we buzzed around one corner and there was a super nice bull standing right there by the river! I took one look and said to the hunter, “shoot”! That Alaska bull moose ended up measuring 64 1/2″ and looked really nice too! We took care of the meat and got it cooled fast then fired up the spotlight and headed up to a nearby spike camp to spend the rest of the night. The next day we finished the trip back to camp. This made 8 trophy Alaskan moose for our hunters! We are thankful that God blessed us and our hunters with some really nice moose during our Alaska moose hunt this fall!