Moose hunting in Alaska is epic! Our 2021 season is shaping up to be incredible. It’s really fun to make your moose hunting dream a reality here at Clearwater Alaska Outfitters!

We began the year wondering if or where we would be able to land. It rained most of August, which means the gravel bars that are normally abundant  would be under water. So, first flight in we didn’t know if we’d be turning around and finding a float plane or what! The adventure had begun. The pilot was able to find a good bar below our lower camp about a mile and a half! Praise the Lord, we made it to the ground, and it was even on the same side of the river as our camp! So, with joy in his heart Ben hiked up to the lower camp where we thankfully had stashed a canoe the year before! Now, he simply had to paddle down river to where he had left a small Honda motor for exactly this scenario! After getting the rest of the gear and 1 guide on the ground they took off in this motorized canoe for the long trip up river to our main camp and the jet boats! It took 7 hours to get there, not bad and so glad to have made it!

So, they spent some time getting a boat in the water with a Honda 50 and headed back down river ( only 2 hours now) to bring up all the supplies in preparation for the clients to arrive in a few more days. In only a few days the water level dropped 14 inches and the clients were able to land on the normal bar way up the river! Super!!

The hunt began with a bang, literally! First moose down on the opening day, just a few days later the second one and on the last day it also ended with a big bang as 2 more moose were shot at! Changeover day went smoothly and the second group of hunters began their search for these huge Alaskan bull moose! Calling works incredibly well on bull moose, so we hunt primarily by going to key points along the river and calling. You work the area over, usually staying in one place a couple hours then moving on. The first 2 moose of the second, 10 day Alaska moose hunt, were killed on the first day! Then, only a day or two later someone had an opportunity, and on the 4th day another amazing, beautiful trophy bull was taken! Wow, it doesn’t get any better than this!! Just a few more days left in the season and we already have 100% opportunity. Still hoping to get a bear or two and maybe a wolverine. One is hitting a gut pile, so we’ll see if this wiley creature will become a trophy on someone’s wall.

The guides work their heads off and do an amazing job taking care of the clients and giving them a hunt of a lifetime!

Every year is so different. The weather makes such a huge impact on the hunting. It’s been cold with some snow and rain. This is what makes the moose get really active. Already looking forward to another successful year ahead here at Clearwater Alaska Outfitters!!

Stay tuned for pictures of this year’s hunt!