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Crucial Weather Insights for Your Alaska Moose Hunt in September

Embarking on an Alaska moose hunt in September is an adventure into the heart of the Last Frontier's untamed wilderness. However, being well-prepared for the diverse and ever-changing weather conditions of this vast landscape is key to a successful and enjoyable hunting expedition. The Seasonal Transition: September marks the onset of fall in Alaska, a time when the landscape undergoes [...]

Moose hunting in Alaska with a registered guide

Moose hunting in Alaska is a thrilling and challenging adventure that draws hunters from around the world. The vast and untamed wilderness of the Last Frontier provides a unique backdrop for this pursuit, and many outdoorsmen choose to engage in the experience with the assistance of a registered guide. Alaska is home to the largest subspecies of moose, the Alaska-Yukon [...]

The Beauty of Moose Hunting in Alaska

Moose Hunting in Alaska with Clearwater Alaska Outfitters: A Wild Adventure Alaska, often referred to as the last frontier, is a land of breathtaking natural beauty, rugged landscapes, and abundant wildlife. It's a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, and for those seeking the thrill of hunting, it offers an unmatched experience. Among the most sought-after game animals in Alaska is the [...]

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Alaska Moose Hunt Season 2021

We had an amazing moose hunt this past fall with over 100% success! Obviously there is a story to that so here it goes.... We had a full season with 8 guys booked to hunt Alaska moose as well as 3 observers who came for the fun of the Alaskan moose hunting adventure. All the 8 guys had a [...]

Alaska moose season 2021

Moose hunting in Alaska is epic! Our 2021 season is shaping up to be incredible. It’s really fun to make your moose hunting dream a reality here at Clearwater Alaska Outfitters! We began the year wondering if or where we would be able to land. It rained most of August, which means the gravel bars that are normally abundant  would [...]

Hunters from the other side of the world

One year we had a couple of hunters from South Africa. Benny was the hunting manager for Holger who owns Jensen Safaris. Holger took Benny on a trip of a lifetime to hunt for moose in Alaska. Holger and Benny were good hunters and a lot of fun to have out in our moose camp. One of our longtime guides, [...]

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