The world recognizes eight different subspecies of moose. However, the Giant Alaska Bull Moose is the largest of them all. Scientifically referred to as Alces alces gigas, the giant Bull Moose represents the climax of Alaskan moose hunting. Moose hunting Alaska provides an awesome experience because hunting the Giant Alaska Bull Moose up close is something you will not forget! An adult giant Bull Moose weighs between 1,200 and 1,600 pounds. Over the years the avarage antler width of moose taken with Clearwater Alaska Outfitters has been right around the 60″ mark. Every year we get one or two bull moose that are in the mid to upper 60’s. Our success rate has been outstanding here at Clearwater Alaska Outfitters. We are proud to say that four of the past five years we have enjoyed a 100% success rate on our guided Alaska moose hunts!


One of the most attractive things about Moose hunting for the giant bulls with Clearwater Alaska Outfitters is that you don’t have to worry about applying through the lottery drawing for a random chance to draw a moose tag. When you hunt for trophy Alaska moose with Clearwater Alaska Outfitters, you buy your moose tag and hunting license right in camp. The Moose hunting season in our area of Alaska is from september 5 to 25 for Giant Bull Moose. These trophy Alaskan bull moose can be found feeding on birch, willows, as well as aspen twigs available higher up mountain valleys. Flourishing forage is an essential ingredient in helping the growth of their antlers. Soft velvet covers the antlers as they grow. It is important to note that the lush forage grows well during the months that come during the summer. The soft velvet on the antlers developed during the summer begins to harden in the course of August.


Colder frosty nights and shorter days is when the giant Bull Moose start rubbing the velvet from their antlers beginning late August. Here at Clearwater Alaska Outfitters we travel the river during the Moose Hunt experience. During midSeptember, Moose hunting Alaska is at the peak as the rut for Giant Bull Moose begins. The rut for Moose hunting Alaska starts at the end of the September and runs into October.


Alaska Moose Hunting is enjoyable as the Bull Moose that has huge antlers with white palms that can be seen from miles away while glassing for that trophy Alaska bull moose.