August… and the Pre 2018 Moose Hunting Season

It brings to my mind thoughts of Alaska hunting trips. One of my favorites is a yearly moose and caribou hunting trip that my family likes to take. We go to a superb moose hunting area that caribou frequent as well. One highlight of the trip for the kids is the time spent fishing on the lakes. Just out from the tent they spend many hours out in the canoe “drowning worms”, as my dad used to say. Actually, after catching some of the lake trout that live there they prefer large spoons.

The best catch of the season was a 24 ½” lake trout. While the kids are fishing we can glass for those trophy bull moose and caribou from the front door of our tent. We must go home now to prepare for September and all it’s hunting in the great outdoors for the Alaskan trophy moose!