What is a guided Alaskan Moose hunt? It is an experience of a lifetime. It is lots of hard work. Moose hunting in Alaska is full of adventure around every curve of the river where you are hunting moose in Alaska.

The weather on a moose hunt:

You may experience a constant change in weather on your moose hunt. One day you get rained on, the next day it’s 65 degrees and sunny. Soon, one day, you’ll get up to a frost covered world, only to have it turn to zillions of diamonds as the sun begins to peak over the hill while you are calling for a trophy bull moose

A moose hunting scenario:

While you are sitting near a slough, your Alaska hunting guide occasionally breaks the silence with a heart wrenching moan. He is giving a cow moose call. The big bull moose can’t resist any longer. Interspersed between cow calls your moose hunting guide will beat the brush and grunt, sounding like a rival bull moose. Hence, the fight is on. The huge Alaskan bull moose’s anger is aroused and he comes thrashing his way into the open! The Alaska bull moose is the king. He doesn’t care what’s in his way and he isn’t afraid of anything. This huge bull moose is going to whip that other “bull” and get his prized “cow”.  You, the Alaska moose hunter, and your Alaska bull moose hunting guide are camoflauged and waiting. The bull stops and looks your direction which gives your moose hunting guide time to size him up.

You see, in order to be legal, the huge Alaskan bull moose has to be 50 inches wide or have 4 brow times on one side. The Alaska hunting guides are very experienced in judging moose, so after a good look he gives the o.k. to shoot. This bull moose in Alaska is 125 yards away and won’t be any more difficult to hit than hitting the side of a barn! Boom! And, the sound echoes off the hills in the stillness!

Congratulations are in store, for you have just secured your first Giant Trophy Alaskan Bull Moose!