Well, here we are approximately half of the moose hunting season is over. So, far so good. I just dropped off the first 3 huge Alaska bull moose at the meat processor yesterday! Two of them weighed in at less than 10 pounds under a whopping 800 pounds. Now, those are huge trophy bull moose, if I might say so.

We are super thankful for the great job our Alaska hunting guides are doing for us. We couldn’t ask for a better team than what we’ve got. Our guides are all Alaska residents and really know their stuff. They know how to kill big trophy bull moose. You can feel confident, while hunting with Clearwater Alaska Outfitters, that we and our big game hunting guides are going to do their best to get you that Alaska bull moose trophy that you have been dreaming of for so long. We know how much it means to you not to go home empty handed. So, we work together bringing you a great Alaskan moose hunting experience all along the way.

From the  good comeraderie to the tons of excellent food. You even have your own personal “chef”, your guide! While you are at base camp I am your cook, atleast when I’m there. I don’t always stay for the entire season, although, I have plenty of times in the past. No matter who prepares your food you won’t go home hungry if we can do anything to help it. So, my advice is to enjoy every day of your adventure, and go home having great memories of your time shared at our Alaska moose hunting camp. Whether you go home with a trophy Alaska bull moose or not we want you to have the best time ever!