Trophy Bull Moose Hunting


Guided Alaska trophy bull moose hunting is going to be a beautiful time of year to see Alaska. Most of the moose hunting in Alaska takes place during the month of September.  Fall is deepening, during this month, turning from summer to winter. In early September, if you are moose hunting in the first hunt with Clearwater Alaska Outfitters, you will arrive while the leaves are just beginning to turn from a lovely shade of pale green into yellow. During your stay, Sept. 4 to 15, which includes 10 full days of moose hunting, you will experience the beauty of God’s creation. The now yellow leaves will darken and be ready to let go of their home for the past 4 short months. A strong breeze will come up and they will gently flutter to the ground. You will enjoy this bit of beauty as it is happening and will probably be out in it during your guided Alaska moose hunt. Or you may be sleeping in one of our nice wall tent camps listening to the sound of the leaves as they hit the roof and you drift off to sleep dreaming of that big trophy bull moose that you are going to kill soon on your Alaskan moose hunt with your Alaska moose hunting guides.

If you are hunting for big trophy bull moose with Clearwater Alaska Outfitters during the second hunt you will be at their guiding camp from Sept. 15 to 26. This hunt also includes 10 full moose hunting days. You will arrive when many of the beautiful red and yellow leaves have fallen to the ground. This will give you a colorful path to walk upon while hunting for those trophy Alaskan bull moose. When you are glassing from one of the lookout hills you will be able to see a bit better. The success rate of hunting during the first hunt or the second hunt is the same, though. Most likely both hunts will include some periods of rain and sunshine. The daytime temperature may even reach into the 60’s on a warm day. By mid September the possibility of warm days is pretty much past and there has even been a rare day of that wet kind of snow. The second moose hunt is going to be a bit colder and you will most likely get snowed on. It won’t stick around very long though, and then it will melt. Don’t worry, all these changes are super for getting the bull moose moving and into the mood to answer calls. Every time there’s a change in the weather, especially involving crisp cool nights get ready for the Alaska bull moose to begin walking around.