What Cuts Do I Get in a Whole Moose

Rib Steaks
Chuck Steaks
Porter House
Sirloin Steak
London Broil
Round Steaks
Swiss & Flank

Arm Roast
Chuck Roast
Rump Roast
Bottom Round Roast
Sirloin Tip Roast

Other Cuts
Short Ribs
Stew Meat
Cube Steak and of course Bull Moose Burger

Do you want some specialty cuts on your big Alaskan bull Moose ? Try some sausages.

Sausages Made From Your Alaskan Game Meat

#15 Game Required we add 10# Pork Based on #25 Batch
Polish, Hot Links, Smokie Dogs , Old Fashion Wiener, Summer Sausage, Deer/Cotto Salami, Jalapeno & Olive Summer, Jalapeno & Olive Stix, Pepper/ Teriyaki/or Snack Stix, Fresh Breakfast or Italian, Linked Brats or Italian, Breakfast Ring w/mustard

You can also have extra Spices Added, Extra Cheese Added, and use Pre-Flushed hog casings if you like. All of this is a great way to really dress up your Alaskan bull Moose meat.

We want you to thoroughly enjoy every bite of your hard earned trophy bull moose and savor each bite as you relive your guided Alaska Moose hunt.