There is a lot that goes into planning a hunting trip in Alaska. Whether you plan to go on a Guided Alaska moose hunt or a Guided Alaskan grizzly bear hunt you will want to go with the best in the business. That way you will be sure that you will be well taken care of in every detail of the hunt.

All year long we, at Clearwater Alaska Outfitters, are thinking of those details that go into the next Alaska hunt. Everything from the great variety of Moose camp food to your moose camp/bear camping spot and what equipment is needed in order to assure that you will have the best hunt possible with the greatest chance at successfully bagging your huge Alaska big game trophy animals. We care about your success as well as your comfort.

Booking season is in full swing. We are happy to talk to you anytime and would like to help make your dream Alaska big game moose and grizzly hunts a reality.