Grizzly Bear Hunting in Alaska

Are you dreaming of big Alaska Grizzlies? Here at Clearwater Alaska Outfitters we can make those dreams turn into a reality, where you are the winner. You can take home one of those huge interior Alaskan grizzly bears. Some grizzlies have long white claws, like one that our happy client got this fall while on his guided Alaskan moose hunt. This was an extraordinary grizzly bear. It was a huge old grizzly boar showing years of battles. He had beautiful long white claws and is raw scored well into the Boone and Crocket range. This Alaska grizzly bear is a real trophy and we have a very happy client.

Guided Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunting

If you are interested in an Alaskan guided grizzly bear hunt please contact Clearwater Alaska Outfitters today. We are now booking for the 2019 spring Grizzly Hunt in Alaska. This hunt includes an excellent grizzly hunting experience over bait. While on your guided grizzly bear hunting trip spot and stalk is also an option. Our grizzly bear hunting guides know the business and will do their best to get you a trophy Alaska grizzly bear.