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Alaska Moose Hunting newsletter #1

  Clearwater Alaska Outfitters Personalized Quality Hunts with Integrity Ben and Adina Holbrook newsletter #1 Sept. 2018 The Alaska moose hunt continues.... The Alaska moose hunting season is nearing an end. We are anxiously waiting to see how things play out. What will be the final score............ Stay tuned for next months newsletter to find out! Clearwater Alaska Outfitters HC [...]

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Your 1×1 Alaska Moose Hunt

We have a fully guided 1x1 Moose hunt with 10 full hunting days in Alaska. Everything is included. You just get to Fairbanks and we take care of you from there. We fly you from Fairbanks to our Moose Hunting camp in a Cessna 185 on floats where you are picked up in a jet boat by the owner, my husband, Ben. He brings [...]

A Guided Alaskan Moose Hunt

What is a guided Alaskan Moose hunt? It is an experience of a lifetime. It is lots of hard work. Moose hunting in Alaska is full of adventure around every curve of the river where you are hunting moose in Alaska. The weather on a moose hunt: You may experience a constant change in weather on your moose hunt. One [...]

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2018 Guided Alaska Moose Hunting in Progress

Well, here we are approximately half of the moose hunting season is over. So, far so good. I just dropped off the first 3 huge Alaska bull moose at the meat processor yesterday! Two of them weighed in at less than 10 pounds under a whopping 800 pounds. Now, those are huge trophy bull moose, if I might say so. We [...]

What is an Alaskan Bull Moose?

Have you ever wondered, " What is an Alaskan bull moose?" There are eight subspecies of moose recognized, and the Alaska-Yukon is the largest. The huge Alaska Yukon moose are very large bodied and can have magnificent antlers reaching records near 80 inches wide! This is the species you will be hunting on your guided Alaskan bull moose hunting trip. [...]

Snow in September while hunting trophy Alaskan Bull Moose

Snow in September? Yes! If you hunt for trophy Alaskan bull moose there’s a good chance that you will encounter some snowy days. It’s the wet sloppy kind of snow. Bring the gear that is recommended by your hunting outfitter, Clearwater Alaska Outfitters and you will be fine. A warm sleeping bag to crawl into at night, WoolX long johns, [...]

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