Many people dream of moose hunting in Alaska for years before making it a reality. For some they start day dreaming of hunting moose in Alaska when they are only seven or eight years old while others are adults when they begin to think about that Alaska moose hunting trip. For many it is a trip of a lifetime and they plan for years on how to make their Alaska hunt a dream come true.

One thing to consider while thinking of the day when you are able to make that Alaska moose hunt a reality is what makes a trophy Alaska moose. Will you turn down a nice looking 55 inch Alaska bull moose and wait for one that passes that 60 inch mark? You may think a 65 inch Alaska bull moose would be worth waiting for during your hunt. One important thing to keep in mind is that this is just a number on a tape measure and not necessarily a measure of a good looking Alaska moose for your trophy room. While moose hunting in Alaska, I have seen many bull moose that have really nice looking antlers even though they wouldn’t pass the 60 inch mark.

Whatever the size of your Alaska moose, it is sure to remind you of your time spent enjoying the Alaskan wilderness. The adventure of your Alaskan moose hunt and the experiences that you had during your trip are also important things to consider. It is easy for hunters to overlook these things because they are so focused on killing an Alaska moose during their hunt. I think it is very important to enjoy each day while doing your best to find that Trophy Alaska Moose. Some days will be warm and slow hunting but, there is still a lot to enjoy. There are no traffic lights or “people noise” out there and it is just you and your guide in wild Alaska. God’s creation is all around you and it is not difficult to see the beauty of it all and take home lots of great memories of your time spent in the Alaskan wilderness! It is very important to take lots of pictures during your Alaska moose hunt because they will bring your adventure back to life every time you look at them! If you just make sure and enjoy every day as it comes and do everything possible to harvest that trophy Alaska bull moose then you will take home a whole lot more than a trophy Alaska moose. You will have memories to last for the rest of your life!