Snow in September? Yes! If you hunt for trophy Alaskan bull moose there’s a good chance that you will encounter some snowy days. It’s the wet sloppy kind of snow. Bring the gear that is recommended by your hunting outfitter, Clearwater Alaska Outfitters and you will be fine. A warm sleeping bag to crawl into at night, WoolX long johns, Cabela’s micro tex, for the next layer, and a warm coat, all covered in some good rain gear. If it’s a really chilly day you will probably be able to warm up at camp during the afternoon while you drink some hot coffee, eat some warm soup and take a little snooze. Just don’t forget to get up when the bull moose do. That would be around 4 or 5pm when the trophy bull moose begin to look for dinner and you want to be out there hunting for them as they move around. Don’t forget a little discomfort now may make the difference between whether you go home with one of those trophy Alaskan bull moose or go home empty handed on your guided Alaska moose hunting trip.