After dreaming about moose hunting in Alaska it is very important to have a comfortable hunt when you finally make that memorable trip. One of the most important things to consider when planning your Alaska moose hunt is the type of clothing you will use. This decision can either make or break your Alaska hunting experience depending on what you decide. I have personally tested a large variety of gear during my many hunts in Alaska. Some of the clothing I have used definitely didn’t do what it was advertised to do while others did really well.

One extremely important piece of clothing is the base layer you choose for your moose hunt in Alaska. While I have used a variety of different types and brands of base layers there is one that is far ahead of the others. It is called WoolX and it is 100% merino wool clothing made in Australia. Since it is fine merino wool you won’t even feel like you are actually wearing wool during your Alaska moose hunt! It has done a great job of keeping me warm even when I have been soaking wet. The customer service there at WoolX is great as well and they stand behind the products that they sell to make sure you can enjoy moose hunting in Alaska.

Some of the lesser base layers that I have tried didn’t even last for one Alaska hunting season! One thing the some of the other brands of base layers had in common was that the seams would pull apart and leave you searching for more choices to test on your next Alaska hunting adventure. I have used the WoolX base layer for two years now while guiding moose and bear hunts in Alaska and have worn it nearly every day while in the field. The seams have held up really well and not even one of them has pulled apart or failed in any way. This is amazing considering what they go through each day while hunting Alaska. Whether it is hunting those huge Alaskan brown bears, Alaska moose hunting, grizzly hunting in Alaska or wearing it for your black bear hunt in Alaska WoolX can handle the job. If you take a look in my backpack you will find my two year old WoolX base layer waiting for the next Alaska hunting trip!