Moose Hunts

Alaskan Moose Hunts

Our Trophy Moose hunts take place out of our Yukon River hunting area from September 5th to the 25th. This is a great time of year in Alaska to spend hunting moose on a river that is very remote and in the middle of some great moose habitat. These Alaska moose hunts are typically 10 day 1×1 hunts. We usually take 6 – 8 Moose hunters into our camp each year. With this small number of hunters it ensures a top quality hunt for each person who hunts with us. Access into our moose hunting area is with a Cessna 185 on floats. It is a 1 1/2 – 2 hour flight so you will also get to see some of Alaska’s beautiful scenery on your way to our remote base camp.



Moose Hunting


   We use jet boats and canoes to hunt along the river and nearby sloughs. Calling, spot and stalk, and still hunting along one of the many sloughs are all productive methods of moose hunting in this area. Calling is usually done along the river or a slough by using cow calls, bull grunts, and thrashing the brush too imitate bull moose. Calling a trophy moose right up close is a real thrill that you will not soon forget! There are also a few good lookout points from nearby hills. These are a great place to spot moose early in the morning and in the evening. Most of the shots are typically less than 200 yards.



Experienced Guides

   Our guides all have the experience it takes to make your hunting trip in Alaska a success. They will hunt at your pace to ensure that you enjoy your time hunting with us. Your hunts success along with your safety and comfort are all major priorities while you are in our camp. Your guide will also take care of your trophy by fleshing the cape, turning the ears, splitting the lips, and then salting it well to make certain it is in top quality condition for your trophy room.


Professional Class Moose Camp

Our quality accommodations in base camp include great food, shower, comfortable wall tents with wood floors, shelves, lantern and wood stove. There will be hot meals for breakfast and dinner with sandwiches and snacks for lunch in the field while hunting. We also have a comfortable camp, 36 river miles downriver, that we use along with “spike camps”. We go the extra mile when setting up a “spike camp” to make sure that it is a very comfortable place to stay while in pursuit of that trophy bull.

   Our typical spike camp for fall moose hunting consists of a wall tent with a canvas floor and bedside rugs, wood stove, sleeping cots with therma-rest pads, a rolo-table, lantern, a cook stove and all the good food you can eat! We serve high quality food including New York steaks, pork chops, marinated chicken, eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, English muffins, bagels, cream cheese, spaghetti, homemade moose pepperoni burger and homemade moose breakfast sausage. We also have good tasting meals that don’t require a lot of time to cook including Mountain House freeze dried meals, some canned foods, and lots of snacks. Also, there is quite a variety of things to drink in camp including coffee, tea, cocoa, juice mixes and water.

   Whenever we hunt from one of our wall tent camps we also have a Cabela’s 6 man dome tent there too incase we need to move camp and try another spot. This spike camp would still have sleeping cots with therma-rest pads, camp chairs, lantern and all the food you can eat. Also, this would be what you can expect if you are hunting for moose from an “airplane camp”. All of our camps are equipped with satellite phones to stay in contact with each other and in case of emergency.

   Please take a look at our picture album and see the trophy quality Moose that are taken at our camp! If you have any questions regarding our moose hunts please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!